Mental Health Services

Whatever your needs, we want to help.  We provide Mental Health Counseling, Supports, and Resources.

  • Massachusetts Licensed Clinician (Other states coming soon..)
  • Resource supports and re-direction services
  • Provide in person life counseling (MA only)


Our resources can become much more than helping one person.  We offer personalized trainings based on your needs.  Group think and dialog can facilitate recovery.

  • Non-Profit leadership trainings
  • Consultation services on current agency practices
  • Resources for therapeutic services available in your area


Family and Community are often the environmental factors which shape our behaviors.  In these unpredictable times, giving back to others and welcoming others into our lives can mold our future.

  • Advertising for fundraising and charity groups.
  • Advocation for mental health, substance abuse, and other life changing opportunities in your area.

Take control of your path

In this chaotic world we often get lost in our daily lives.  Gone are the times of disconnecting from the world around us.  We all know that in order to survive we must first stop and smell the flowers.

Relive your childhood

While you are off smelling those flowers, take a moment and look deep within.  Visualize this feeling.  Looking within, ask yourself:  what did this past you envision in life? Do you still hold onto those simple visions of a life yet to come.  Today is the day that you take back control and live a life you want.

Now what...

MyLifeIsNow wants to help you get there.  Interact with this site.

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