Mental Health Services

Whatever your needs, we want to help.  We provide Mental Health Counseling, Supports, and Resources.

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Our resources can become much more than helping one person.  We offer personalized trainings based on your needs.  Group think and dialog can facilitate recovery.

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Family and Community are often the environmental factors which shape our behaviors.  In these unpredictable times, giving back to others and welcoming others into our lives can mold our future.

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Let today shape your tomorrow

Personal growth starts within yourself. Life has a way of affecting each and everyone of us in a unique way. Our souls, however, remain connected. We all need compassion woven into our lives. This compassion must also begin within ourselves. Talk about it, sing about it, dance about it, forgive yourself about it.

This is your life to live, you can do it.


How can you help...

This vision of a positive future comes with the help of others.  This site is intended to provide a forum for discussion, education, and community.  Too often many of us feel scared and alone. MyLifeIsNow is your solution.  A safe space for compassion to thrive.  All we are missing is you....